Complete solutions for facing CBRNE threats

solutionsImgThe field of CBRNE is scattered by threats, as well as diverse products and systems to face them. CBRN Finland provides complete CBRNE safety and response solutions and services for each phase of security threats.

Large scale of CBRN experience

CBRN Finland is a consortium of world leading CBRN companies, specialized in cost-effective ways to create and develop step by step CBRN performance by modular and compatible solutions. The CBRN Finland member companies have large scale CBRN expertese with international customers, combined with strict technical requirements since 1950’s. Long experience guarantees our quality and competence.

As easy as possible

The solutions provided by CBRN Finland fit the needs of various end-users in a wide array of security situations, and cover all phases from Prevention and Preparation to Crisis and Consequence Management. CBRN Finland makes the customers’ hazard management, detection, protection and countermeasures against CBRNE threats as easy as possible. Our cost-effective one-stop shop principle saves our customers’ time, manpower, maintenance and money.