Mobile CBRN response

Accidents or attacks occur without warning. The authorities must then be able to respond fast: rescue and damage mitigation should be started in minutes. Effective countermeasures require realtime information and right tools. In these circumstances, Mobile CBRN response offers support for fixed installations.

Within minutes upon arrival

CBRN Finland’s Mobile CBRN Response concept offers solutions for multi-threat scenarios and for daily accidents or leaks in factories, for example. It is also designed to be used against terrorist acts such as chemical strikes in metro systems or in urban areas and in mass events in stadiums. The Mobile CBRN Response allows constructing a comprehensive detection network as well as starting the decontamination and first aid in the surroundings of the hazard area within minutes upon arrival.

Various application

Mobile CBRN Response can also be used when armed forces and crisis management organizations need to cover their safety around the world against CBRN and TIC’s environmental threats.