Industry protection

The hazards related to explosions and fire are most eminent in chemical and power plants that treat increasing volumes of highly flammable agents. The more complicated the process, the higher the risk of accident. Hazards can be triggered by human error or extreme weather phenomenon. Victims of accident and contaminated environment have long-term affects for operation and effectiveness of the plant. Focus on occupational safety improves the efficiency and general safety. Failure to invest in safety can lead to costly outcomes.

Promoting workers safety while protecting the environment

CBRN Finland offers systems for occupational safety in industrial sites. Safety shelter systems for workers and control rooms are protected with blast protection and air quality monitoring and filtration systems. For the accidents we offer rescue and special vehicles for Industrial First Responders. Hazardous chemicals can be collected and stored in temporary tanks and basins.

Occupational safety

Securing the safety of industrial workers and the surrounding environment is the most important thing in occupational safety. CBRN Finland supplies emergency shower cabins and decontamination lines for injured and contaminated workers. The personal safety of industrial operators can be supported with personal CBRN detectors and monitoring systems. In case of an accident or a leak, the hazard area can be monitored in real time by using sophisticated CBRN monitoring and hazard management tools.