Critical Infastructure Protection

The consumption of Chemical, Biological or Radioactive agents and materials in industries is growing and, subsequently, so is the risk of their emissions, which can occur by accident, transportation accident, neglect, natural phenomenon, deliberate activity or weapon impact result. Sudden threats, such as oil and chemical accidents, are nowadays seen more clearly as safety related threats for Toxic Industrial Chemicals. Protection of critical infrastructure is crucial when these emissions occur.


The protection of critical infrastructure is based on the development of adequate capabilities and their timely and flexible deployment and performance. Our solution for critical infrastructure protection is built on secured monitoring, alarming and management systems with protection shelters.

Modular structure

Citizens’ health threats will be observed and monitored against radioactive materials and biological and chemical hazards. Citizens and operators will be protected in hardened shelters, according to the risk and threat assessments. Re-configurable response modules, such as decontamination systems, allow rapid response to CBRN threats in the hotzone area and in hospitals.