CBRN – Vulnerability Assement and Protection of People at Risk


The European level first CBRN standard has released in end of  year 2014. This Technical specification were translated into Finnish this summer. On 6th of October held  Society’s Safety Standards – seminar, were CBRN – Vulnerability Assement and Protection of Peole at Risk published.


CBRN – Vulnerability Assement and Protection of Peole at Risk CEN/TS 16595:2013

This Technical Specification (TS) on CBRN vulnerability assessment, awareness and management provides a common frame of reference and recommends methodologies to assess the vulnerabilities of citizens, first responders and other assets to an ‘all-hazard’, i.e. natural, incidental or intended, exposure to hazadous substances. These hazadous substances could be Chemical, Biological or Radiological (the latter forming the hazadous part of Nuclear, together abbreviated to CBRN). CBRN agents can cause significant direct and indirect damage to persons, livestock, vegetation and environment as well as disrupt the system of products and services we need to sustain our daily livelihoods, i.e. our ‘Critical Infrastructure’.
This TS can be used as a starting point for further risk and vulnerability assessment and for guidelines on the many issues surrounding a CBRN incident. It is intended for any organisation involved or interested in CBRN, both in the private sector and for public authorities.


More information of TS 16595:2013: CBRN Haavoittuvuuden arviointi ja ihmisten suojaaminen riskeiltä -esitys